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Fallen Spirits

Rest In Peace


The places listed below are sites that I have visited before and/or after they have been torn down.

Bellevue Mansion, Hamilton
RIP - Sept. 2000


The Bellevue Mansion located at 14 Belvidere Avenue
in Hamilton was the first place that I visited back in the spring of 1999. This place was very beautiful yet so haunting at the same time. This house was most definately haunted. I visited the house very frequently during the summer of '99 and the weather was extremely hot outside yet the entire house was extremly cold, especially the basement (you could see your breath). This house made a lot of weird nosies and gave off a very negative feeling when you entered it.
The lot is now vacant and abandoned by the City of Hamilton and all that remains on the property are trees and bushes. I do plan on re-visiting the site very soon to take some pictures of the lot and see if any spirits still remain there.


Bishop Fuller House, Thorold
RIP - Nov. 2002


Brief History:
If you are driving to the area from the west, from St. Catharines or from the centre of Thorold, drive through the Thorold Tunnel, then turn left at the traffic light at Davis Road, and drive down Davis Road until you get to a 1950s house on the right (east) side - the only building on that side of that part of Davis Road.  That is the former home of Bill Davis, who owned the former Bishop Fuller House in its last days, and for whose family Davis Road was named.

Behind that “new” house is the spot where the historic Bishop Fuller House was located, marked now only by a mound of rubble that is all that is left of the old house.  My recollection is that the house burned (as the result of arson) on the night of April 9, 1994.  What was left of the house after the fire was torn down sometime in the weeks after that.

- - -

Located at about maybe 200 yards north of the corner of Old Thoroldstone Road and Davis Street intersection, on Davis Road in Thorold. Now there is a memorial of this house at Lakeview cemetery in Thorold.
I visited this lot in June of 2003 after it was torn down and all that remains is an open field of grass and weeds. We took some pictures of the vacant lot and were quite surprised of what we discovered.